Soon just a memory of the photos?
Hopefully not!

The Swiss Orchid Society (SOS-Short Portrait) is the governing body for the 10 regional groups in Switzerland. It maintains regular contacts with orchid societies in other countries.

The connecting element of our members are the orchids.
Orchids are found on the whole earth with exception of the desert areas and the polar regions. It is the young plant family, which is still fully in the development. It contains over 600 genera and approx. 30000 species. Most of them occur in the forest areas. Continually are new species discovered. These are usually dull small plants only, but there are also exceptions, like the quite recently found Phragmipedium kovachii. Such beautifulnesses could have disappeared before it was discovered, if we do not undertake anything against the destruction of the forests.
There are world-wide efforts to protect the endangered plants and animals and with it to secure the genus-pool. Unfortunately there is so far no sufficient protection of the biotopes. Large organizations like the WWF are actively involved in these protection efforts, but ethusiasts associations, like our society, contribute to it also.
Therefore the request of each plant lover should be to take part in these protection efforts. We invite all interested cordially to join the Swiss Orchid Society and strengthen with it our voice.

Membership of the SOS is open to all. Every autumn (fall), the SOS organizes a plant exchange meeting, followed by a lecture and discussion. The annualy members-meeting is everytime joint with an interesting lecture as well. In addition, a plant judgement session is held once every month, giving members the opportunity to have their plant entries judged by well qualified professionals. At present the Society consists of about 800 subscribing members. Subscriptions are currently fixed at CHF 25.- for a single member and CHF 35.- for couples. Anyone interested in joining can apply directly to the President or the Secretary. You have also the possibility to download the application form.

There is a well stocked library and slide collection which can be consulted by members of the SOS.

The SOS also subscribes to such specialized periodicals as 'Die Orchidee', 'Journal für den Orchideenfreund' , 'L'Orchidée' and 'L'Orchidophile'. These invariably include detailed comment on subjects of current interest, together with advice on cultivation, as well as being a source of reference for the procurement of materials such as plants and growing accessories.

The protection of orchids, indigenous and tropical, is of particular concern to the Swiss Orchid Society.

The conferences and discussions organized within the regional groups are a means of encouraging members to provide the best care for their own orchid plants.

As concerns indigenous orchids, the care and protection of sites is largely assured by member groups organized for the purpose.